White House Juniors Internationals 2017 
 @ Patton Pro-Am. 26th to 31st March
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The White House, Netherlands
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 Thursda 30  
 Wednes  29  
 Tuesday 28  
 Finals Rd 1  
 Finals Rd 1 Butler  
 Consolation Result 
 Consolation Butl  
 S F Result  
 S F Butler   
 Q F Rd 1  
 Q F Rd1 Butler  
 Inter Final 1  
 Inter F 1 Butler  
 Round 10  
 Round 09  
 Round 07  
 Round 06  
 Round 3    
 Monday 27  
 Sunday 26  


 Netherlands White vs Poland  
 Netherlands White vs Poland   
 Netherlands White vs Poland   

Semi Finals  
 England vs Poland  
 England vs Poland  
 Sweden vs Netherlands white  
 Sweden vs Netherlands white  
Quarter Finals  
 Ntl White schols vs Ntl Red  
 Ntl White Schols vs Ntl Red  
 Israel U26 vs Poland  
 Israel U26 vs Poland  
 Belgium vs England  
 IsraelU20 vs GermanyU20  
 Slovakia vs NethlandsRed  
 Norway vs England  
 GermanyU20 vs NetherL White  
 Sweden vs Russia  
 Belgium vs Spain  
 England vs Israel under 20  
 Croatia vs Poland  
 Scotland vs transnational  
 Belgium vs Netherlands  
 Russia vs Norway  
 Russia vs Nl. Blue  
 Sweden vs France  
 Israel vs Germany  
 Finland vs Czech Republic  
 Nl White vs Orange  

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Winners Pro-Am tourney
winners pro-AM
winners pro AM
  FINAL > Netherlands White won over Poland
winner White House junior 2017