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(1) Many of the wealthy players who sponsor teams and the individual bridge professionals do little - if anything- to sponsor the game. 
(2) Many National Bridge Organisations focus too heavily on top 10% of players and don’t understand their role to market & promote at all levels and provide programs to ensure the continuity of the game and that some collective effort by many of these bridge sponsors could raise the profile of this game beyond its current low level.
Read  full text of WBF President's opinion - - Here  Khammam tourney as per WBF President >   Here . 

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W B F Laws 2007 
Laws 2007 made easy bookcontact  Here  
Links between law & Flow Chart -    Here   
Useful to T Ds & A C  members
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01-08 2013 was 13th Birth date of website. We thank our  visitors  
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WORLD BRIDGE SERIES 2014 - SANYA - CHINA - Contract signed
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Photos of young ones also available
World Youth championship 2014
13th to 23rd August @ Istanbul, Turkey    
World bridge Championship 2014  
10th to 25th october @ Sanya, China  
World Youth championship 2013 -Atlanta - -  Here   
Oncoming world championship 2013 - Bali - Here  
WAGAR Final > > > Moss wins 127 against Freeman's 124
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Commonwealth Tourney 2014+ Transnational  - 8 to 14 Sep 2014 - Here  
United States Bridge Championship for Juniors 2013 - Here  
selection trials-Junior teams to represent USBF in World Junior championship 2014 
Italian Bridge federation (FIGB)  conducts selection trials for its National teams to represent ITALY in European and World championship. 
It is open to all its members Read details - Here   
Italian Bridge federation bears the expenses of the National teams to championships

Preparations for this selection trials for 2015 has already started. WHAT AN ADVANCED PLANNING !!  KUDOS !!

The 2014 U S Bridge Championship where USA 1 is selected,  will be held at Phoenix, AZ, starting on  Friday, May 9th and probably ending on Sunday, May 18th 2014.  

Entry Closing Date - Monday April 7th > entries close at midnight, EDST. Based on the number of teams entered, entries may remain open until Monday, April 21.   

Eligibility > OPEN TO ALL U S B F members (More than 100000 members) 

SEEDING is given based on POSITIONAL POINTS - Here   earned in last year United States Bridge Championship and Spingold, Reisinger and Vanderbilt events of 2013. All these 4 events are official and open to all USBF members.

Please note that no other tourneys - like Auction bridge., Buffett inter continental, Cavendish  ( or like       Rich players' social games )= are taken into consideration. .

Also MASTER POINT TALLY  and Titles like Life master are not considered in the selection trials.  

The format > byes are given for 12 places out of 16 depending on POSITIONING POINTS. The remaining       4 places are for open entries. who do not have Positional Points.  For the 4 places, qualifying Round     Robins are conducted,  But if the number of entries is a bad total,  ON-LINE knock out matches are arranged. 

The format for all of the most likely entries in the USBC will be 2 days for each stage of the event: Round Robin, Round of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final.  and to have a 120 board Round of 16 for most likely entries. 
W B F President Rona and WBF Past president Damiani with 
Jiang Zemin, Past president Republic of China  Details - Here  
Australia summer festival, 
Canberra - Here      Results - - - - - Here   
Bernard Maggie's  MRBridge columns -Here    TIPs-Better bridge   Here  
N E C festival 2014 - Japan 11-16 Feb 2014 with BBO VuGraphs-  Here    
Khammam Bridge Tournament - March 1st and 2nd 2014 - Details - - -  - - - - -  Here  
INDIAN GYMKHANA, Matunga, Mumbai - Annual  Jan 2014 -details +  photos- Here  
NABC SPRING 2014 - DALLAS - TEXAS - - Here    
ACBL President Phyllis Harlan presents the Vanderbilt Trophy to the winners: Ralph Katz, Steve Weinstein, Bobby Levin, coach Eric Kokish, Eric Rodwell and Jeff Meckstroth. Team captain Nick Nickell was not available for the photo.
Second in the Vanderbilt went to Monaco: Claudio Nunes, Fulvio Fantoni, Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness. Captain Pierre Zimmermann and his partner, Franck Multon, were called away after the round of 64 for an emergency in the Zimmermann family.
WBF Ruling on Improper conduct during match of the final of the d’Orsi Senior Trophy, played by the German Team against the USA 2 Team, in the World Championships held in Bali in September 2013. 

Mail from M/s Anna Gudge of ECats Bridge to ::> "The President of the World Bridge Federation, Mr Gianarrigo Rona, has asked me to send you the attached extract from the ruling made by the WBF Disciplinary Commission at a Hearing held on 21st and 22nd March 2014". 

The Extract of ruling made by WBF disciplinary commission - Here  
Document regarding hearing of Disciplinary commission held on 21st & 22nd March 2014 - Here  
100th NABC partnership
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