Fourth-suit forcing


Fourth-suit forcing is the popular term for the idea that a bid by responder of the only unbid suit at his second turn is an artificial force.

Most play that it is forcing to game, although some play it is forcing one round only. The bid is made when responder has doubts about strain or level.

Suppose you hold: K 2 A K J 4 2 Q 10 3 ♣8 5 3.

You are South and this is the bidding:

North South

1 1

1 ?

You have enough values for game, yet no bid is suitable. You cannot bid 3NT with three low clubs Many players agree that a jump to 3 shows a six-card suit and is invitational. If you have that agreement, you cannot rebid 3. In other words, you donít have a convenient rebid.

Playing fourth-suit forcing, you should bid 2, a conventional waiting bid.

Partnerís first obligation is to raise hearts with three-card support. His second obligation is to bid 2NT. You donít promise clubs to bid 2ó it is an artificial bid. Your partner needs a club