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Jeffrey Allerton is a tournament player from Surrey, England. He is a past European and World junior champion, and recently won the Gold Cup and the Camrose. He used to direct club and county competitions, and is a member of the EBU panel of referees. 

Robin Barker worked for 20 years at National Physical Laboratory as a research computer scientist. He is an EBU National Tournament Director and an EBL Tournament Director. Away from bridge he enjoys walking the coasts and moors of the South-West of England, where he lives. But this has been constrained by medical problems; in particular, periods of wearing an aircast boot, which can be used to stamp his authority when directing. 

Heather Dhondy is a professional bridge player, teacher and writer. She is a constant fixture on the England ladies’ team and won both the European championships and the Mind Sports Olympiad in 2012. She is also a member of the EBU panel of referees.  

Richard Hills’ chief claims to Directing and Appeals Committee fame are his frequent (and frequently 
controversial) contributions to the Bridge Laws Mailing List (blml). 

Paul Lamford is the author of a couple of books on bridge, 50 Bridge Puzzles and Starting Out in Bridge, and is a frequent contributor to Bridge magazine and Metrobridge. He is a County Director, regular poster on bridge forums, and has been a member of many Appeals Committees.  

Tim Rees has been playing bridge since school, and has won most of the English and Welsh national titles at some stage. He has represented Wales at Europeans, Olympiads and Commonwealth Games since devolution from Great Britain in 2000, with his greatest success being a silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Tim is a member of the Laws and Ethics Committees for both England and Wales. He works at the Transport Research Laboratory, analysing (and hopefully solving) motorway congestion. 

Barry Rigal is a full time player, writer, journalist and commentator married to Sue Picus. After living in London for 35 years he has been resident in New York for nearly 20 years, and now is considered an American by his family and still British by his NY friends. He was chairman of ACBL National Appeals for three years and has commented on appeals for two decades. He is currently trying to construct a handbook for appeals (and good luck with that one!). 

Frances Hinden is married to Jeffrey Allerton. She has won many British events and has bronze medals from the European Open Championships. She used to direct club and county competitions, is vice-chairman of the Laws & Ethics Committee and a member of the EBU panel of referees. 

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Our thanks to Law and ethics committee of English Bridge Union 
Full credit and appreciation belong to EBU Law and Ethic committee and all commentators,

It is hoped that the publication of these appeals will provide interest and an insight into the way that people in England are ruling the game.  

The booklets containing Appeals are done annually and take quite a lot of compiling with the commentaries all done by volunteers. Hence the delay in publishing these/
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