When an offending player’s call is withdrawn, and he chooses a different* final call for that turn, then if he becomes a defender:
A. Call Related to Specific Suit
if the withdrawn call related solely to a specified suit or suits (and no other suit), and


1. if each such suit was specified in the legal auction by the same player there is no lead restriction, but see Law 16D.


2. if any suit specified in the withdrawn call was not specified by the same player in the legal auction then, at offender’s partner’s first turn to lead (which may be the opening lead), declarer may either,
   (a) require the offender’s partner to lead such a suit (if there are more than one declarer chooses the suit; or
   (b) prohibit offender’s partner from leading (one) such suit. Such prohibition continues for as long as the offender’s partner retains the lead.
B. Other Withdrawn Calls


For other withdrawn calls, declarer may prohibit offender’s partner from leading any one suit at his first turn to lead, including the opening lead, such

prohibition to continue for as long as offender’s partner retains the lead.


* A call repeated with a much different meaning shall be deemed a different call.