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WINNERS of Online Bridge tournament 2012
Open prize winner:
Name: Leo LaSota  USA
Junior prize winner:
Name: Ribhu Ranjan Saha India.
Date of birth: 4th September, 1991 (Currently a college student)
Winners were invited & hosted to attend the SportAccord Beijing event) 
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Letter from M/s Anna Gudge dt 14th Jan 2013. 

Dear PS Raghaven 

I have been asked to send you the attached files; one gives information about the World Championships in Bali, and the other is the list of hotels. So - please could you give the event - and expecially the World Transnational Open Teams Championships - as much publicity as possible to help encourage players to come and participate in this excellent tournament.

I know we are nearly half way through January already, but I don't think it's too late to take this opportunity of wishing you a very Happy New Year - I hope 2013 is good for you!

all the best


F I R about 41st World team Championship - Here   List of hotels in Bali - Here  
World Team Championship 2013 @ Bali Indonesia - Here