European Universities Games - Bridge - Zagreb
12th to 25th July 2016
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From 12th-25th July 2016, 5000 students from 40 European countries and 250 universities will compete in 21 different sports -- INCLUDING BRIDGE !!! -- at the European Universities Games to be held in Zagreb. These championship Games will be conducted under the auspices of the European University Sports Association, in conjunction with the Croatian Academic Sports Federation. Isn't this a wonderful opportunity for young bridge players to meet and engage with other athletes from all over the continent, while experiencing a major sporting event which is both broad in scope and enormous in scale?  
Competition in the BRIDGE component of the games will involve a Teams contest lasting four days (19-22 July), with the exact format depending partly on the final number of teams registered. There is no limitation on the number of teams per university or country. Players who graduated university in the academic year 2014-2015 can play in the Games, as can students who will have enrolled as of early summer 2016 (i.e. prior to the start of the Games) to begin university studies. Students in a post-graduate program can also play, unless older than 30. Each university can send as many teams of 4-6 players as desired, and not all players on a given team must attend that university (though at least half the players on the team must attend the university they are representing).

Players and teams who are interested in participating should contact Tihana Brkljačić (call +385 99 666 8877, or write to, and formal registration of teams should be made by April 25th, via your university. Some universities will cover costs for their players, so you should write an official letter to your university first. Also, bridge players can join other athletes from the same university when they travel to Croatia, to reduce the costs of travel. If your university doesn’t cover (all) costs, you should ask your NBO to help. You should also try to think about other sponsors, such as city or private establishments that may help. If none of these ideas yield satisfactory results, you can submit an application for some funding assistance here.

Accommodation with meals and transfers within Zagreb costs 65 euro/person/day (5 days), and there is an extra 30 euro per player charge for the actual competition.

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