Dates : 2oth and 21st September 2014  

​Venue : LOTUS CLUB, Ernakulam, Kerala  
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ONAM Festival 2014 - Dr K P Abdul Majeed memorial T/4 Duplicate winners Air Bus team  
Mr.K.Vijayan,President EDBA,Dr.Benny arughese, Cap.Paul Abraham, George P.Kora,
Prof obins Jacob, Afshar Majeed,S.Sreekumar,Sec.KBA, Jose Mathew.  

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“Airbus” (Dr.Benny Varughese,Capt.Paul Abraham,Dr.Jose Mathew,Prof.Robins Jacob and Jose Mathew) wrested Dr.P.K Abdul Majeed memorial trophy for ‘Team of Four Duplicate’in Kerala Onam Bridge Festival conducted in Lotus Club, Ernakulam with a scintillating performance(87 VPs).The defending champion team VR4(T.R Krishnan, Afshar Majeed,SRC Sekhar,Franz.M)eventually finished second (80 Vps)

In an another keenly contested event for Prof.K.M Mathew memorial trophy for ‘Board-A_Match’ ”Vijayans” (K.Vijayan,Dr.Mathew Chathuruthy,Dr.Jose Mathew,Jacob Cherian) emerged victorious with 78 points. ”Knaves”(Shaju.V.Mathew,Mathew Chandi,Joseph Cherian,C.P Varghese)became runner-up with 67 points.

The Uncle John trophy for ‘Pairs event’ was won by Shaju.V.Mathew and Mathew Chandy. K.Vijayan and Dr.Mathew Chathuruthy came second.

Lotus Club President Mr.George P Kora presented trophies to the winners.