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USBF selection trials  
Entry Information

To enter, log into USBF site and click on "Enter Open Trials" under the User Menu, then follow instructions. To guarantee that you will be allowed to play, you must enter on or before Monday, April 15, 2013. Additional entries will be accepted until Monday, April 29th, but only if they do not change the date of any stage of the event.
Relevant Dates

Monday, April 15: Final day to guarantee entry.

Monday, April 29: Final day for late entries, which are allowed only if they do not change the starting date of any stage of the event.

Friday, May 3: Final day to submit Advance Submission Forms if you are playing a Super Chart method.

Friday, May 17: Final day to submit System Summary Form. Penalty for late submission is loss of seating rights in one segment of the team's Round of 16 match per day that the form is late.

Friday, May 24: Last day for roster changes without Credentials Committee approval.

Tuesay, May 28, 10:00 am: Last day to withdraw without Credentials Committee review. 


We won't know the precise format until after entries close, but based on the Conditions of Contest, there will probably be 3 to 4 days of play before the USA1 Round of 16. The Round of 16 will probably be 1 day long. The Quarterfinal will probably be 1.5 days long. The Semifinal and Final will each be 2 days long. The USA1 bracket will probably conclude on June 9th. All of the USA1 Round of 16 losers will play in the USA2 bracket. In addition, some Round Robin losers will play in the USA2 bracket. The USA2 bracket will start with a Round of 128 opposite the USA1 Round of 16 (we do not know the format of that stage yet). There will then be a 60 or 90 board Round of 64 opposite the USA1 Quarterfinal, 60 board Rounds of 32 and 16 opposite the USA1 Semifinal, a 60 board Quarterfinal and 90 board Semifinal opposite the USA1 Final and half of the next day, and a 90 board Final the next day and a half. The 2013 USBC will probably end on Tuesday, June 11th  

All Participants
All participants in any USBF Championship (players and NPCs), and any player or NPC added to a team that has been nominated to represent the USBF as a result of its performance in a USBF Championship, must meet the following requirements at the time of the USBF Championship:
1) Be either an Active or Resident member of USBF who is in good standing.
2) Not be under suspension by USBF, ACBL or ABA.
3) Not be excluded from playing in the specific USBF Championship by a committee of USBF, ACBL or ABA  

Positioning Points (PPs) are used to rank the teams for the purpose of obtaining byes to the Semi-finals, Quarter-finals, and Round of 16, as well  as seeding the K/O bracket. PPs for the qualifying events will be as follows:
Place Spingold & Vanderbilt     Reisinger        USBC
1st                 100                        85                  18**
2nd                 70                         60                  14**
3rd                  46                         42                  11** 
4th                  46                         29                  11**
5th                  27                         21                    8**
6th                  27                         17                    8**
7th                  27                         14                    8**
8th                  27                         12                    8**
9th                  12                          11
10th                12                          10
11th                12                            9*
12th                12                            8*
13th                12                            7*
14th                12                            6*
15th                 5*
16th                 4*
*Positioning points for the Reisinger are awarded only to teams that qualify for the final.
** Also note: PPs earned in a prior USBC will not count when determining byes to the Quarterfinals or Semi-finals. Positioning points for the USBC are awarded for winning a K/O match.
Thus, the team that wins its final match receives 18 PPs, in addition to any PPs it may have received for winning an earlier match;
received for winning an earlier match; each team that wins its Semi-finals match receives 14 PPs; a team that wins its quarter final match receives 11 PPs; a team that wins its Round of 16 match receives 8 PPs. A team without a bye that wins the USBC receives a total of 51 PPs. The
team that won the 2012 USBC, (Nickell) has earned 43 PPs for the 2013 USBC.
***Also note: Ties shall not be broken by coin flip as in the GCoC’s. The tie breaker shall be most PPs won in the Spingold, then if still tied, most PPs won in the Vanderbilt, then if still tied, a coin flip.

A. Eligibility for PPs
A team may earn PPs for the 2013 USBC based on its performance in the 2012 USBC, 2012 Spingold, 2012 Reisinger, and 2013 Vanderbilt. To earn PPs from any of these “cycle” events, at least 4 members of the 2013 USBC team must play on the cycle-event team, and must be Eligible Players who were USBF Active or Resident Members on a date no later than 2 weeks after conclusion of the event for which PPs were awarded.

For example, if players ABCD played together on a 2012 USBC team, and players ABEF played together on a 2012 Spingold team, and players
CDEF played together on a 2012 Reisinger team, then a 6-person 2013 USBC team of ABCDEF could use PPs earned in all three events to count
towards earning a bye (subject to V.B.1 and V.B.2 below).
An Eligible Player is a player who is eligible to compete for the USA in the WBF championship for which the USBC is a selection trial and who has not already qualified for the WBF event for which the USBC is the selection trial. In addition to being subject to Section III., paragraphs B., C. and D., below, to be counted as a member of a team in an event that awards PPs, a player must fulfill the ACBL minimum-play requirements for the overall rank for which PPs are awarded.   

If the number of teams that have entered and the slots in the Round of 16 combine to a “BAD” number in the chart in Appendix A, and the USBF has been unable to obtain an additional team within the time allowed for that, there will be an Online Preliminary Stage to eliminate one team in order to have a number of teams and slots for which there is a good format. 
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