World University championship 2016 
LODZ, Poland 
22nd to 28th August
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 China 1  
 Poland 2 
 Cezch Rep 1
 Poland 1  
 Poland 3 
 Cezch Rep 2 
 China 2  
 Total 22 Rounds ( Double R.R)
 Results  Round 1- Here  Round 2 - Here  
 VuGraphs  > An important benefit og VuGraphs is Postmortem by players  concerned. They should sit as pairs and as a team, discuss the good and not  so good  bidding, hand play and defense. 

 This postmortem would improve the skill of those players for a better  performance in future. 

 VuGraphs would be published in our website after they are published by  BBO. 
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 VuGraphs - Here  


 After 19 Rounds of Double R.R, the top 4 are :--
 Poland 2, Poland 1, Austria & Czech Republic 1
 No 1  
 No 2